The new huge and very fast Super-SUV from Aston Martin is called DBX and has more than 500 hp.

Across the Channel they don’t waste time. Aston Martin invests in the segment of cars that is still pulling more than any other, from 15 years till now. Of course, because of the calibre of the brand, it is not a common SUV, but a powerful, antithetical, luxurious and brutal version. A Super-SUV, SSUV, in short.

The watchword is “Power”, which comes just before “High Performance” and “Luxury”. This new Aston Martin DBX is described and it will come, it seems, during the 2020. We do not know if it will be in the next 007 cinema, like the little sisters coupé, but we know that it would certainly help him to escape from the most sinister of bad guys. That’s because it is fitted with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine.

The same V8 is also mounted on Vantage and DB11 but with 542 hp, 32 hp more than the two coupes. The maximum torque touches 700 Nm, against the 675 Nm of the two little sisters and immediately places itself a little bit under the Lamborghini Urus (650 hp and 850 Nm of maximum torque) but at the same level as the Bentley Bentayga V8 (542cv and 770 Nm of maximum torque), waiting for the SSUV Ferrari.

Aston Martin DBX, an aesthetic level, is easily recognizable by the front grille that has never left the models of the Gaydon house, than with generous diameter rims and sports bumpers. We look forward to the official pictures to give a more precise judgment.

Finally, the price will obviously not be accessible to all budgets, we talk about over € 200,000.

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