For some years the regulation of Formula 1 requires a neutral section of the front of the central wing. This section, which theoretically does not generate a load, (in fact when this profile is tilted, as if it were a cascade of inclined flaps, nevertheless generates aerodynamic load), has its main function in the generation of a fundamental vortex for the control of all The flows that will then flow underneath and around the vehicle.

The vortex is generally called as the “Y250” profile. It works in conjunction with the other vortex that is generated near the leading edge of the outlet and created by the profiles installed in the strips. If the vortex “Y250” has the task of “sealing” the bottom, the other two mainly manage the wheels, which are the real nightmare of the aerodynamics, influencing the passage of airflows and behaving in a rather unpredictable way . Therefore in Ferrari have developed the front wing, which now has one less element, a development to generate eddies of air at the tips. (Different in green color in the video), with a small ripple next to the attack to the neutral profile. These changes that generate load will also have the task of combing the flows, in which in recent years the Red Bull were the main protagonists of development. Now partially obscured by the important development of hybrid engines.

By  Werner Quevedo

Video by Asero Salvatore 

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