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The Scuderia Ferrari is illegal ?

In the last weeks the Ferrari’s floor has attracted lots of attention, as some noticed that its flexibility would be irregular

Clearly, Maranello’s engineers know what they are doing and here after we reports the article of the regulations that “La Rossa” should be violating

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Formula 1 Brakes – Wheels of fire

Just one element of this year’s almost unbeatable Mercedes has emerged as small weakness. Brakes.

Despite the supremacy imposed on the championship, several times during the season engineers have warned the drivers to manage breaking power due to overheating problems. Mercedes uses discs and pads of French Carbon Industrie (the team uses Brembo’s calipers); this particular disc has in fact a concave profile for better cooling. All other main competitors go for Italian Brembo’s full systems instead.

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Red Bull RB12 Technical Analysis

The Red Bull RB12 maintains most of 2015’s car main features.

What has changed is the opaque paint on the body, as well as the front wing, which is the biggest improvement or at least variation in aerodynamic terms.

This new wing presents cracks and improved small winglets surface’s division that compose the total wing. There’s a simple reason for dividing in smaller parts a bearing element: the adherence of the flow and its streamlines to the same surface of the element. Continua la lettura di Red Bull RB12 Technical Analysis

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F1 Technical – Analysis Mercedes s-duct

We are speaking of Mercedes. We can see two new products that stand out over the others, at least from an aerodynamic point of view when compared to the 2015 car.

Nel video  viene confrontato il vecchio musetto simile a quello della monoposto del 2015 W06 e il nuovo che si raccorda con il telaio e il  vanity panel che nasconde un condotto che porta una fuoriuscita Continua la lettura di F1 Technical – Analysis Mercedes s-duct

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F1 News Photo Gallery 2 SPA

Photo Gallery SPA Giovedi’

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