Ferrari is still very aggressive with 9 UltraSoft, 8 for Mercedes and Red Bull

Pirelli announced the teams’ choices regarding the tires selected for the Austrian Grand Prix. Ferrari is the team that prefers the softer tyres, like in the past. For the next week Scuderia of Maranello will use 9 UltraSoft for both drivers. Vettel will have available also 2 SuperSoft and 2 Soft. Instead Raikkonen will be able to count on 3 SuperSoft and 1 Soft.

More conservative choice for the Mercedes’ guys. Both Hamilton and Bottas decided to use 8 UltraSoft tyres. Hamilton has also selected 3 SuperSoft and only 2 Soft. For Bottas 1 Soft and 4 Supersoft. So Mercedes confirms that doesn’t particurarly like this softer tyres.

Red bull opts for the same choice of mercedes on UltraSoft, with 8 set for both drivers. Ricciardo and Verstappen will run with 2 Soft and 3 SuperSoft, so exactly the same decision for both drivers.

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